Have You Been Following the Wrong Advice (When It Comes to Achieving Financial Freedom) On Your Own?

 Did you know that most people make the average of the wages of their five closest friends?

Isn't it a little frightening?

Why? Because, whether we like it or not, we become like the people we hang out with.

Which means that when you spend a lot of time with someone, your habits and behaviors will rub off on them.

You're not likely to be affluent if your buddies aren't.

It's not that I don't like your buddies; it's just a truth.

The point is, I believe that many people are unaware that gaining money is as much a mental game as, say, excelling at a sport or an instrument.

See, if we want to get good at practically anything in life, we need to seek coaching and direction from individuals who are "experts" in that subject - and these people are crucial to our success.

Top basketball coaches, for example, were (or are) frequently exceptional players themselves.

So, why do so many people seek financial advice from friends or family members who are not financially secure?

Believe me when I say that I understand.

We've been raised to believe in our parents and that they know what's best for us.

If your parents are well-off business moguls, you should listen to whatever advice they have to offer when it comes to being wealthy and successful.

But, on the other hand, are your parents, Uncle Billy, or friend Tina the greatest people to listen to if they are still battling to pay off their own mortgage?

You wouldn't expect to learn to surf from someone who can't even stay on a body board, would you?

In my line of work, I frequently witness people following bad financial advice.

“Well, I was going to try that, but then so-and-so said it wouldn't work,” clients have told me.

And I replied, "Well, how much money does so-and-so make per year?" to which they replied, not as much as they were!

Please don't misunderstand me... Your buddies are unquestionably vital in your life.

However, if you want to be wealthy and successful, you should start listening to the counsel of people who are living the kind of abundant, financially-free lives you desire!

I wasn't raised with a lot of money.

In truth, I saw my mother suffer; as for my father (I'll be honest - he wasn't worth calling a father), I'll leave it at that!

Never in my wildest thoughts did I picture myself as a millionaire.

My financial problems followed me into my twenties and thirties. My credit card debt was spiraling out of control, and I was consistently in the negative.

Things really took off for me in a big way when I took control of my own financial mentality and started blocking out all of the negative influences and taking inspiration from successful individuals.

Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and even Dr. Oz. are my personal role models, and they have helped me tremendously in my pursuit of success.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this:

You must seek guidance from wealthy individuals in order to become wealthy and successful!

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