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Mortgage after Bankruptcy: Do not Lose Hope Yet

You find yourself bankrupt and you are wondering about things about your mortgage. Can you still get a home mortgage after bankruptcy? This is the question that is foremost in your mind. The good news is that there is still hope for you.

Below are some of the questions that people are asking about home mortgage after bankruptcy.

How long does your loan will get approved after filing for bankruptcy?

Different lenders have different specifications regarding mortgage loan approval. This is because they have a variety of standards to follow which may vary from case to case.

You will come upon some lenders that can approve the loan in two years time. While the more strict ones need you to wait three years before you can get a loan. The varying policies are still dependent on your ability to pay plus certain collateral that you need to present. These things are sort of like a security measure on their part since they are not yet sure if you can get back on your feet again or be buried more into debts.

If you are one of those who have been approved for a mortgage in as little a time as two years, prepare to pay much higher interest rates. So if you want to save more on the interest rates, it is wise to wait for some years more. That way, the interest rates you will be paying will not be as high.

Can you get the best available interest rates?

This is very much possible. The best way to achieve this is to provide a large down payment.

Keep in mind that the interest rates you need to pay will depend upon your ability to pay after the bankruptcy. This is why you need to maintain a good history of on-time and regular payments so that it will reflect back on the mortgage interest loans that will be given to you.

What additional factors will your mortgage loan approval be based upon after bankruptcy?

Your credit is a major consideration when applying for a mortgage loan after bankruptcy. Your credit standing will make a lot of difference between getting and being disapproved of that loan.

Other important factors to consider are your income, employment history, the ratio of your debt over your income and the down payment you have provided. Make sure that a good record will reflect back to you once all these factors are checked.

The most common problematic factor that is facing people is credit standing. A lot of people do not take into account their credit standing. It would only be later on when they need it that they will start repairing about bad credits to their name.

Nowadays, you can get the help of institutions in repairing bad credits to get you ready for a mortgage loan after bankruptcy. The best thing to do is check how your credit standing is if you find yourself on the brink of bankruptcy. That way, you can plan ways of making the necessary repairs in time for the evaluation of your loan and your standing.

There is still hope for you. Lenders out there are more than willing to provide you with a mortgage loan after bankruptcy. Know the important factors first so you will not be left groping in the dark and best find the lender that will suit your needs the most.


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