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Affiliate Revenue #3 | Who To Invite To The Party

Maybe you’re an owner of one of those online businesses and you have ventured into the world of affiliate marketing in an effort to grow affiliate revenue. You’ve visited the testimonial websites and have seen the claims of $200,000 annually from affiliate revenue and you’re interested in making some of that money for yourself.

So maybe you’ve launched an all out search for affiliate programs and have signed up for several hoping that a full compliment of affiliates in one portal will make you a rich entrepreneur. The bad news is things aren’t working out the way you thought they would. The money isn’t coming in by the wheelbarrow full and you are becoming discouraged.

The problem might be that you are looking at affiliate revenue as one might if they were building a department store. You have determined that multiple affiliate programs can only enhance your ability to gain income. In essence the more diversified you are the great chance you have to make money. The problem that is mos…

Affiliate Revenue #2 | Tapping Into The Cash Cow?

Commercial radio stations will sometimes fill up their advertising slots with a type of commercial known as Per Inquiry (PI). This type of advertising guarantees absolutely nothing up front, but the radio station does receive a commission when a listener uses an individualized toll free number to purchase the advertised product.

The reasons some radio (and television) stations accept this type of advertising is because there is the potential for revenue whereas that potential goes away if they choose not to accept this type of advertising.

This is the same premise behind affiliate revenue strategies online. In this scenario businesses offer other, secondary, website owners the potential to earn income when the secondary website is successfully used as a portal between the potential customer and the primary website.

In essence when you become an affiliate you are provided a means to track incoming traffic. If the individual purchasing a product started the process at your website then …

Affiliate Revenue #1 | Effective Marketing

Spider bots creep through websites slurping up keywords and phrases. They check for back links to other sites and work to properly evaluate the site for ranking in their search engines. This process is taking place on a continual basis and demonstrates something potentially exciting for those who are participants in affiliate revenue programs.

The fine strands that hold the web together for search engine data is representative of the multiple fine strands that can be created in a networking environment for affiliate revenue businesses. One strand is never quite enough so when many strands combine the overall effect if positive for all involved.

When you are able to establish aggregated inbound links from affiliates your primary website can receive a higher trust ranking in search engine placement. The greater the trust factor in your site the greater the trust factor for customers and prospects. The greater the trust factor among customers the great conversion rates you will find.


Why Are Affiliate Sales Recommended For Newbies?

First let me say this, don’t think that affiliate sales are only suitable for beginners! It is one of the most popular and profitable marketing techniques that is used by nearly all the major internet marketers.

Affiliate marketing is particularly suitable for newcomers to the internet, because:

* You don’t need to have a website

* You don’t need to have any of your own products to sell

* You don’t need to set up payment facilities and collect money

* You don’t need any technical knowledge

* You don’t need a massive budget to get started

In fact, it is so easy to set up and get started, that many internet marketers do nothing else but promote affiliate sales through the these following methods that I recommend.

5 Recommended Ways To Promote Affiliate Sales:

* Mailing Lists

* Ezine Ads

* Article Submissions

* Press Releases

* Pay Per Click

How Easy Is It To Find Affiliate Programs?

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available for you to choose from. They cover just about …

Mistakes Affiliates Make | Help For Newbies

Mistakes affiliates make, always is generally from a lack of information. Yes, we know there are many ebooks showing affiliates the way to go. But remember, even the gurus had a learning curve. Gurus made mistakes too.

The key for affiliates today is to learn as much as they can even as they join affiliate programs. The major portion of affiliate sales are raked in by only 5% of the affiliates! Please don’t let that information discourage you.

Newbies especially, be encouraged. Here is the other side of the coin! A research firm Forrester Research, indicates that we affiliates will have $280 billion dollars/year to divide up amongst ourselves by 2008. Walk don’t run, take your time, and learn the ropes. There is hope for us! But try to avoid the following:

Affiliate Mistake #1

When you promote, be sure to promote the product. Nothing else, just the product. Let the wealthy people who captured you into their program be concerned about promoting the program. You just focus on selling the…

The Use of Forums for Viral Marketers

Recently, forum marketing has been touted as a kind of free, organic, viral marketing. But because so many viral marketers go into forums with the intention of marketing products or other services, their actions and attitude unwittingly causes the exact opposite of the desired effect.

Forums aren’t marketplaces but when used that way, the viral marketers’ actions become offensive and will only inspire the wrath of fellow members and marketers, not to mention moderators who can close them from the site with the click of a button.

In order to be effective, this kind of marketing carries a certain degree of commitment, responsibility and respect. The first requirement is to take a personal interest in the main topic of the forums. Not only does that mean be apart of the forum regularly, but it also means developing a good relationship with both other members and the moderators, as well as taking an active interest in helping other people. Of course, it also means abiding by and all rules …

Super Bowl Advertising And Marketing For Perfection

The game kicks off in about one hour and we have already seen some of the high-priced ads.  Here are my comments on how the big guys do it.

#1.  Pepsi.  Pepsi has an outside-the-box ad.  The ad is done by two deaf guys trying to find out where Bob's house is.  It is done completely in sign with sub-titles.  This is a first.  We will see if this is labeled "offensive" even if the National Association of the Deaf approved it.

#2.  Budweiser.  A perennial mainstay.  Wouldn’t be a Super Bowl without Bud and all of their commercials.

#3.  Miller Lite.  Bud's main competition that seems to always be poking fun at Bud.

#4. GoDaddy.  GoDaddy is always controversial which gets them the most publicity.  You may see racier ads at their web site.

#5. P&G.  Proctor and Gamble will air its first ever Super Bowl commercial featuring Tide.

#6.  Vitoria's Secret.Marketing lingerie with hot chicks to guys makes sense to me.

There are more, many, many more.

Some comments in general. 

Debunking the Content Duplication Myth That You Think You Knew About "PLR Content"?

If there’s one thing that scares an internet marketer more than anything else, it has to be the fear of having all their sites de-listed because of duplicate content. But what if I said you had a better chance of being ‘eaten by a shark’ then you would of being picked up for violating this regulation set out by Google and the other search engines!

Debunking The Myth Once And For All

So when in the past has a site been de-listed directly as a result of using PLR content? Very rarely I can tell you! In fact I haven’t met a single marketer who uses PLR content that has been caught violating the duplicate content rule. So what does this mean? It means that whatever you’ve been told about the connection between PLR content and the duplicate content rule is for want of another word completely ‘bogus’.

We all know that when you purchase PLR content, the chances are you’re going to have to share it with a certain number of marketers. This in affect has been a major deterrent from purchasing su…

When Trying to Find a Good Idea for Your Book Title | Here's What to Do?

Go into a bookstore and browse through the titles in the bestseller section. Book publishing companies hire high-priced people to come up with a title or “headline,” because book publishing is a big business; therefore a lot of contemplation goes into making their titles as commercially-viable as possible. Many well-known and highly successful books started out with other titles. According to Dan Poynter, the father of self-publishing:

• Tomorrow is Another Day became Gone With The Wind. 
• Blossom and the Flower became Peyton Place. 
• The Rainbow Book became Free Stuff For Kids.
• The Squash Book became the Zucchini Book. 
• John Thomas and Lady Jane became Lady Chatterly’s Lover.
• Trimalchio in West Egg became Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.
• Something that Happened became Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.
• Catch 18 became Catch 22

While you are at the store, notice how the other browsers pick up a book, scan the front and back cover, and then put it down again before going on to another book…

What You should Know about Personal Bankruptcy

It is very common today for most Americans who are within the bracket of the middle class to find themselves in various pools of debts. This is somewhat typically attributed to the ever difficult job handling, heightening costs of medical bills, and the frequent divorces that result to the growing child support and alimony payments. It is also very common for people to realize that repaying their loans is that hard on their part. This is the sad side of it. When people avail of loans they are that excited to get their hands on those but when it comes to settling their debts, they seem to be out of their minds.

There is the personal bankruptcy law. The personal bankruptcy law contains a lot of provisions that are specifically designed to aid the affected individuals in repaying all their debts. Those who intend to honestly imply their intention of starting anew are therefore helped out by the personal bankruptcy lawyers with regards to subscribing to the applicable provisions of the pe…

Car Loan after Bankruptcy: Can You Still Get a Deal?

Believe it, bankruptcy could be a traumatizing experience. The trauma does not end after all the harassment's that one has encountered. The trauma continues to live on and is quite hard to be forgotten.

The people, especially the creditors, never forget that you've once been incapacitated to pay off your debts. As you try to avail of another loan to get started all over again, you seem to be treated like a microorganism that is inspected through a microscope. The creditors always do a thorough background checking on you and they perceive in advance the risks that you may bring their businesses. 

You would always have that inclination to start anew after the traumatic experience with bankruptcy. After going through a tough process, you have to make up for the ruined credit ratings of yours. One way in which you could uplift your credit standing is by securing of a car loan after bankruptcy.

Getting a car loan after bankruptcy is one sure way to regain a credit history of yours.…

Should You File Bankruptcy?

Whether or not to file bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make. There are certain things you must think about before you decide to file for bankruptcy. You should definitely consider the pros and cons of your actions.

If you file for bankruptcy, you will be protected by the law against collectors. This means that filing for bankruptcy will give you a bit of breathing space. This can be a great help when you are panicky and wondering where to get money to pay off your creditors.

When you file for bankruptcy, you only pay off the debts that you can afford. People who file for bankruptcy often do so because their debts have exceeded their assets. What does this mean? Well, you can see that although your debts will be reduced to what you can afford to pay, all of the assets of the company will still be used to pay off those debts.

Some people call filing for bankruptcy "a new beginning". This is true in every sense of the word. When you file for bankruptcy, you will truly hav…

Seeing the Real Side of Bankruptcy

Everyone loves the idea of being financially secure. That is why it has always been a point of most people who think of their overall welfare to invest on anything that would click to the public. Putting up a business is not entirely easy.

First of all, you would have to prepare a big fund that would suffice for the overall operations of your business venture. In the same way, you should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge that are vital keys in running the business. However, the sad part to the case is that things never turn out to be what you've expected. You've got too many high hopes for your business but they just do not work out well.

You cannot always predict what is bound to happen. At one point your business has been in full bloom and the next thing you know, you are close to bankruptcy. There is nothing more painful to the human pride other than that of recognizing your shortcomings when it comes to the financial aspect. Bankruptcy could be a shameful…

Refinance after Bankruptcy

Saving your home after bankruptcy will make you wonder if use that to refinance so you can start with a new mortgage which you think might help you during that vulnerable stage. You can actually use your home to refinance any mortgage after bankruptcy. You just have to know some facts about getting one and where to get them best.

You can find a lender that will offer you a refinance for your mortgage after bankruptcy anywhere. The problem is that most of them require some years before you will be approved. The most typical number of years you have to wait is two years. Some may even border two or more years. But this will be dependent on other abilities and capabilities on your part.

But if you really need that refinance and you cannot wait two years to have it, other options are open for you. There are mortgage brokers that are connected wholesale lenders that are capable of providing the refinance in the fastest time. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to find one that will re…

Mortgage after Bankruptcy: Do not Lose Hope Yet

You find yourself bankrupt and you are wondering about things about your mortgage. Can you still get a home mortgage after bankruptcy? This is the question that is foremost in your mind. The good news is that there is still hope for you.

Below are some of the questions that people are asking about home mortgage after bankruptcy.

How long does your loan will get approved after filing for bankruptcy?

Different lenders have different specifications regarding mortgage loan approval. This is because they have a variety of standards to follow which may vary from case to case.

You will come upon some lenders that can approve the loan in two years time. While the more strict ones need you to wait three years before you can get a loan. The varying policies are still dependent on your ability to pay plus certain collateral that you need to present. These things are sort of like a security measure on their part since they are not yet sure if you can get back on your feet again or be buried more …