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Ways to Track the Results of Your Marketing

To determine how efficiently you’re doing your advertising, you'll want to track your results. This is important because tracking will help you to know whether you could be doing a better at every point in your marketing funnel.

Your website marketing is actually easy to track. Most Web consultants can give you access to a free software system called Google analytics. This program runs on the same server that your website does and gives you a host of helpful information.

Google analytics will tell you:

  • How many visitors are coming to your website,
  • Where they're coming from, and
  • How much time they’re spending one your site.
  • What pages they visit while on your website.

These are important things to know so that you can figure out what to change and what to keep in your marketing plan.

Another method used by companies in their marketing plan are tracking telephone numbers. While a company's main telephone number doesn't change, management can use tracking telephone numbers in other locations which will forward a call to their main number. Then, they will be able to look at the records of their tracking numbers to determine how many calls came to that number and what the results were when they actually came.

This is important for determining how effective a particular promotion is. A business owner and their trusted adviser can look at how well a particular promotion is converting and make changes quickly in order to replace it with one that will do better.

Companies are also using sophisticated tracking methods at their point of sale. When customers come to make their purchase, trained sales associates ask questions of the buyer to get a sense for what attracted them.  A business can gain valuable information about which of their marketing plans are effective with point of sale interviews.

Of course, there is never a substitute for the physical discount coupon. When a business pays for coupons to be printed and distributed, they know exactly what their costs are. They can compare that cost to the revenue they gain when customers come to redeem the coupon.

If there is a downside to using paper coupons, it is that there is sometimes a lag time between the time a customer actually gets the coupon in their hand, and the time they come to the location. This can be controlled by time limiting the redemption period of the coupon and thus motivating them to use it when they see it.

Many companies are turning to mobile coupons as a way to manage this process. Mobile coupons are becoming more popular with customers as smartphones become commonplace in society. Mobile coupons are virtually cost free.

By making links and coupons available through mobile applications, e-mails and websites, companies can get their discounts onto the devices of their customers reliably. When customers come in to redeem the coupon, the tracking is automatic.

Moreover, since it’s tracked electronically, the process is efficient much as it would be with Google Analytics. It's likely that mobile coupons will eventually replace traditional paper coupons as the delivery method of choice for businesses and Internet users. The fact that it's difficult to lose a coupon on once mobile device, makes it preferable. In some cases to traditional coupons.

As you begin to implement tracking systems in your business, consider using those methods of promotion that will resonate with your target market. You don't want to use a method of promotion solely for its tracking benefits. That being said, use the tools available to you in order to track the effectiveness of every one of your marketing activities.

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