To Generate Leads, Takes Patients

In some cases you will find that your corporate website is not the best way for you to add people to your contact database. Website visitors may come to your site, see your branding, your hours of operation and even your products for sale.

However, they may not yet be ready to make a purchase. However, it may be quite possible that before they decide to enter their name and e-mail address into a contact box, that they are distracted by something else on your website.

Perhaps they’re distracted by an image that you use in order to create a branding effect. In other cases, it may be one of your links directing them to other areas of your website that takes their attention. It could be your promotional video that others are watching before they decide to opt in to your database.

These distractions pose a “Catch-22” for the business. On the one hand, the things that you have on your corporate website are necessary. You want to have them there because they provide essential information for those who are coming to your website.

On the other hand, they’re a distraction and take a site visitor's attention away from one of the most important things that you want to have happen on your website, and that is for them to become a prospect or lead.

In this case, depending on how people find out about your website, it may be best for you to add a special page on your website called a landing page or capture page. A capture page is designed so that your site visitor will not be distracted with any other information, links or images without becoming an email prospect.

A capture page (sometimes also called a squeeze page) gives the site visitor one alternative. They can either decide to enter their name and e-mail address or abandon the page and visit another site.
These special websites have very little in the way of content. They’re also typically very plain in their presentation. Marketing best practices dictate that a capture page should have a considerable amount of white space on it to give the page a very clean look.

That means that your company will get good feedback for every person that comes to the page that decides not to opt-in and sign up for your database. You'll get a sense for whether or not your incentive to them is great enough to cause them to want to give you their name and contact details.

In terms of incentive, most businesses offer the site visitor the opportunity to attain some kind of discount (when it comes to retail) or special report (when it comes to be to be). As a business owner or manager you will want to have thoroughly researched your target market to know what a suitable incentive or offer would be. The rule of thumb for small businesses attempting to capture leads is that when a visitor sees your incentive, they should consider it a no-brainer to give you their name and e-mail address in order to obtain what you’re offering.

The incentive should have real value to the target market or prospect. Some believe that the practice of writing a dollar value for the incentive on the capture page moves a prospect to provide their name and e-mail address. However, statistics indicate that the key task is that the site visitor actually have a need or desire from the information in the report. That means that you should spend the bulk of your time working on making sure that your offer to the site visitor has value.

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