Marketing By the Book

Getting interviewed on local media can be beneficial for any local small business. The fact that you are being discussed without having to advertise in the traditional sense makes your business’s claims more believable. In addition to this, you’re instantly seen as being worthy of the viewing, reading or listening audience’s time.

However, there is a high threshold for local media to place businesses in their daily programming. Most reporters and anchors receive numerous tips about potential stories every day. They must then decide whether there is enough human interest for viewers to be engaged. A press release announcing something new that's happening at your location will probably not pique their interest.

When reporters are looking for a story, they like to have a "poster child" representative of their human interest issue. This is someone whose story will draw viewers into whatever the particular media is. What they don't want is blatant advertising disguised as a human interest story. They know their viewers would be turned off by this and their advertisers would be less than thrilled.

However, local authors can leapfrog this process depending on what they choose as their subject. News organizations like to feature new books that their audience find interesting. They’re even more excited when the author of the book is a citizen in the local area.

You can benefit by having your own book that speaks to an issue on which you are passionate. Your book should be about the industry and the business you're in. Doing this will give your company the quality of making being "media worthy" as well as giving readers the opportunity to experience your business from a non-sales perspective.

A book, when in the hands of a prospective customer, will typically not be received as advertising. This is the strength of this particular marketing method. You’re getting your business in front of someone that may eventually buy from you, before they would to tune you out.

Most entrepreneurs don't want to write their own book. This is normal. The way to around this is to get someone that makes a living writing books. These specialists are called ghostwriters. Typically for a fee, they’ll interview you and gather the important details of your business story. They will then weave these details into a narrative that local audiences will find readable.

Once you have a suitable manuscript, you can take the self-publication route. makes it very easy to do so. In addition to this, you'll be able to create an order new paperback copies of your book at a supremely discounted rate. This will allow you to hold books in inventory and give them to reporters.

When you are seeking a media opportunity, it is always a good idea to pass along a copy of your book. Not only will this land legitimacy to what you're doing, it will also set you apart as an authority in your industry. Often, reporters will look for experts on particular subjects when they know that there is an expert that has written a book. You will want to be that go-to person for them.

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