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Factors to Consider in E-Mail Marketing

It's likely that you have been approached by companies like "Constant Contact" and "IContact" to commit to their e-mail marketing service. You may have heard that email is a necessary tool to keep your customers aware of what you're doing.  The suggestion is to use the electronic equivalent of a paper newsletter.

The email newsletter routinely resembles a ‘magazine’ format of links from the company site, related articles of interest and special product offers. Customers receiving these e-newsletters typically expect discount pricing and loyalty based offers.

The benefit in having this expectation established in the mind of your customers, is that they are likely to be watching for your e-mail. If there is any downside to this scenario, it's that the companies sending e-newsletters are promoting their business on the basis of price.

Most e-mail marketing tips given by companies selling autoresponder services result in the equivalent of mass market advertising. The e-mail marketing messages suggested are typically untargeted and un-tailored to those receiving the mailing. Successful e-mail marketing routinely happens as a result of direct marketing.

Direct marketing is messaging that is communicated in language that the reader would perceive as one to one. As a result, the entire email is directed in very personal language. In fact, the body of the e-mail is likely to have a number of uses of the word, “you”.

Because the tone of the e-mail is of a personal nature you’ll want to try to establish emotional connection with your reader. Your goal will be to get the reader to visit your website to consider making a purchase, once you have communicated that you understand them on an emotional level.
An even more effective way of using e-mail is to direct the reader’s attention to a particular problem that those in your community are having. Your message will should detail what will happen if that particular problem grows worse. To find the solution, users should be directed to your website.

This kind of communication is different than the mass market method because it neither relies on visuals nor does it rely on the product’s features to get the reader to take action. It relies on the emotional triggers inherent in all human beings.

At first, writing this kind of e-mail may be uncomfortable for you. You will go from talking about all of your products and services, to only one (1) issue per e-mail. You'll go from a tone of sober thinking, to a tone of excitement and hope.

When your e-mails take on this tone you'll have to consider how often you want to send messages. There are some companies that e-mail their customers multiple times per week. Others e-mail once weekly.

The key is to determine the frequency with which the average customer comes to your location. The more trips that a customer or prospect typically makes to your location, the more that you should send e-mail. Of course the opposite is true also.

Even though you are connecting with your reader on an emotional basis to convince them to buy from, not every e-mail should end with a sales pitch. You’re developing a relationship with them, so that they will feel tied to your company. This is yet another advantage of direct marketing over a mass-marketing approach. You are basically working to connect with the reader so that know that you have their best interest at heart when you make an offer to them ( CALL TO ACTION ) so-to-speak!

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