Creating an Incentive to Opt-In

One a prospect comes to your website, you’ll want them to give you their name and e-mail address. Whether you’ve set up a special capture page with forms for them to fill in or you’ve had a form designed for your corporate website, you’ll want your site visitor to willingly give you their contact details when they come to your page.

Therefore, the most important aspect of the lead generation process is the incentive that you provide the prospect to opt-in. If your company is a retail operation, your incentive is likely to be an introductory offer to purchase something at your location at a discount. You want to structure your discount so that it rewards their loyalty, but provides them an incentive to come and experience what your company is about.

However, if your company offers a service or is a business-to-business company, you’ll want to provide information that your prospect will find valuable for problem solving. Typically, your information or “special report” will solve a problem in the life of the business and of the prospect. 
The more urgent the problem is for the prospect or customer, it easier it will be for you to convince them that your incentive is worth attaining.

In order to find the most pressing problem, you should have done research to find the 20 frequently asked questions of your target buyer. Once you know what those questions are, you'll then know what problems your prospect is be looking to solve.

If you can do it, you'll want to determine the priority order of those frequently asked questions. In other words, you will want to determine which question is the most urgent so that you can create your first content incentive to give to your site visitors.

The question then becomes, which form will your prospect most likely consume your information. If you create a proper incentive, it is likely that your prospect will actually read, watch or listen to it. You will need to determine and or test which method of delivering the information works best.
As an aside, it bears mentioning here that everything that you do in marketing requires you to test your assumptions. You don't want to take any "rule of thumb" as an absolute. Much depends on your target market and how they react to you.

Therefore, you'll want to test every incentive offer to determine which one causes site visitors to opt in. At the highest and fastest rate. You’ll want to know the number of total site visitors you have and then match this number with the quantity of visitors that opt-in to your database.

Armed with this information, you will then be able to determine which of the frequently asked questions is the most pressing to your particular site visitors. You can then be began to test options. 
Do your site visitors want to listen to an audio; do they want to watch a video or would they rather read a special report?

Everything that you do to determine the proper incentive for this kind of lead generation activity is crucial and one that should not be ignored. Business owners routinely solicit the work of their local marketing consultants to automate the process of determining these numbers for decision-making. Call us today so that we can set up your incentive to opt in system today.

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