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Is it Possible to Get Credit after Bankruptcy?

People who experience bankruptcy for the first time often wonder if there is such a thing as credit after bankruptcy. This is because many people who have declared for bankruptcy are afraid that creditors would no longer have any confidence in them. However, we all know what bankruptcy is all about.

It is not just about the protection that you get from creditors. It is also about the fact that all your assets will be used to cover your debts. How are you going to start anew? Will you be given a chance?

For your information, credit after bankruptcy is possible. In fact, you can actually keep your credit card after bankruptcy is declared.

However, if you owe money on the credit card during the time that you file for bankruptcy, you have to list it as a debt. In order to keep credit after debt, you have to report any debts you have. Not doing so will not only remove your chances of credit after bankruptcy, it may also land you in jail. If you do not owe anything on the card, however, it …

How should You Select a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Everyone comes to a point when their status in life is reversed. At one time, you are on top. Your business is in full swing and the out-pour of money in your pocket has never been a problem. But then, there is always the moment when your star starts to fade out. Your soon find out that your financial life is never the same again. You are now left with no other recourse but to consider the fact about filing for bankruptcy. As you start to see the perspectives concerning bankruptcy, you will have to be guided in the entire process. Because there are too many legal terminologies that would be covered in your venture to file for bankruptcy, you would need an expert in that arena. And that is no other than a bankruptcy attorney.

It is very significant that a bankruptcy attorney is capable of supplying you with the beneficial insights, other alternatives, possible escapes, conditions, terms, and the possibilities that would come your way as you deal with bankruptcy. A legal counselor could…

Home Buying After Bankruptcy

Who told you that right after a case of bankruptcy your world would never be the same again? You may have lost everything that you've had during the battle against bankruptcy but never think of losing hope because you could still secure a home financing after bankruptcy.

Most often, the lenders would let you stabilize your credit history for about two years before you could be granted with a mortgage loan. You could never put the blame on them because they are simply minding their business. They are afraid to deal with you and let you enjoy the privilege of accessing a loan the same with the rest of the regular customers that they have. After the two-year time frame, everything will fall back into their rightful places. You would be able to gain financing loans easily. Home buying after bankruptcy could now also be made possible.

Usually, people with bad credit find it difficult to gain financing loans because of the two usual requirements asked for by the creditors. They are the …

Credit Monitoring as a Bankruptcy Service

Are you not afraid to face the worries that come along bankruptcy? How could you possibly avoid the pressing threats that bankruptcy might open up for you? It is basically necessary to get a grasp of the pros and cons of bankruptcy so that you would be able to recognize and appreciate which bankruptcy services would do you well in case that you are faced with such personal dilemma. Read on and open your eyes to the ups and downs of bankruptcy.

The Pros of Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy relieves you of the stress and uncertainties that are caused by the hard way of dealing with the harassing techniques of the creditors.

As soon as bankruptcy has been filed and recognized by the court, a mediator in the person of bankruptcy lawyers, take over the circumstance and draws out the necessary decision to be exercised to settle the matter.

Once bankruptcy is filed, the debts get reduced in the scope that is within the capacity of the debtor. In turn, the creditors are legally forced to accept…

Bankruptcy Law: Know it and be Guided

Being declared as bankrupt is not something that many people wish to become. This is not a thing to be proud of. Most individuals even arrive at the point of denying their real financial status when the worst thing comes into their lives because they are very much aware that such circumstance is never a noble experience. However, there always comes the instance when you could no longer escape the fact that you have no other option left aside from claiming bankruptcy. If the need arises, you must be very aware of the provisions of the bankruptcy law that could give you the protection that you need the most.

The bankruptcy law was first pushed through in the United States in the year of 1978. The bankruptcy law is enacted whenever someone wishes to file the claim for it. There are the Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 in the bankruptcy laws which are inspired from the bankruptcy code. However, do not be too secured that the bankruptcy law would give you your desired protection because many of i…

Avoiding Business Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the state of not being able to pay off your creditors. It is, in fact, a legally declared state. This means that any businesses who declare bankruptcy are legally freed from their debts. Although the purpose of declaring business bankruptcy is to give the debtors a fresh start, many people still believe that it is something to be avoided.

The main aim of every business, after all, is to produce profit and to keep producing profit for a long time. Fresh starts may sound good, but having a long and successful business life is better. So how does one avoid business bankruptcy?

1) Keep the finances separate – if you own a business, it may be quite hard to separate your finances. Some people like to dip into the cash register every time that they truly need However, you should try to distinguish the term "need" from "want". In order to avoid business bankruptcy, you have maintained the balance of your income and expenses.

The reason why some corporations go…

Avoid Bankruptcy: Why is it a Step to be Taken

As to the survey, there are numerous people who come to the decision of filing for bankruptcy and the scale grows higher and higher every year. Most creditors are confronted with the debtors who are surely the pains in their necks.

They have to formally file their complaints to the debtors who never show up themselves again, reject phone calls, and ignore notices. These creditors are not only confined to the banks, they are also the credit card providers, loan providers, car companies, and many others.

Indeed, the decline in the financial status of the debtor produces a grave effect on the businesses of the creditors. If you have several loans here and there, you might want to picture yourself being in a state of financial crisis.

How do you see yourself? Would you rather enjoy being chased by banks, credit card companies, and other agents because they ask for one thing—your payment! Do you want to enjoy a life of being threatened and harassed? How do you think you would be able to co…

Answering the Question about Bankruptcy in Student Loans

In the past, people who could not afford to pay off their student loans were able to file for bankruptcy. However, many people abused student loan bankruptcy, leading the government to make amendments to the law. Today, creditors can practically no longer be prevented from collecting by the debtor's declaration of student loan bankruptcy. There is one situation wherein the student loan bankruptcy can fully discharge a person's debt and that is only when the person can show that the loan causes "undue hardship" on his or her family.

You might think that this would be an easy loophole. However, you should know that filing for student loan bankruptcy under "undue hardship" exemption can be quite hard. You might have to get a good bankruptcy lawyer to help you with this. Courts today are extremely reluctant to approve student loan bankruptcy cases.

This is made even harder by the fact that there are certain requirements for people to prove "undue hardship&…

The New SEO

Google has once again changed the way that businesses make themselves visible in search engines. For the last 10 years, Google has set the rules for visibility across all search engines. The reason for this is that Google users visit its website 66% percent of the time that they are looking for information in search engines.  As a result, companies focus their efforts on being visible in Google assuming their efforts will have similar effects on other sites.
For most of the years that Google has made its search engine available to business websites, it was done so based on the ‘keywords’ that users would type in. In other words, when a user was looking for a plumber in Chicago, they would go to the search bar and type in "plumber Chicago".
Then Google would return what it said to be the most relevant results for that phrase. Companies that did a good job of making their websites appear relevant to Google's search engine robots (called its algorithm) would be visible as o…

Copywriting Basics

Whether you pay someone to structure your promotions and advertisements or you write them yourself, you can benefit from knowing and exercising basic copywriting tactics. Modern-day copywriting is primarily based on direct response marketing, which allows you to get immediate feedback from your prospect regarding your sales messages.
By taking note of what causes the majority of buyers to make purchases when they see, view or hear your offer, you’re able to know what’s working in real time.This feedback is crucial in being able to adjust quickly, and test new theories until you have a winning advertisement.
Copywriting is defined by marketing specialists as “sales-in-writing”. Your copywriting process takes over where your traffic gathering efforts leave off. Copywriting can be found on marketing pieces as simple as store signage, brochures and business cards.It can also be found on more complex pieces such as formal sales pages, direct mail pieces and video marketing scripts.

What are Key Trends for Mobile Marketing?

A general observation of the people that are your customers, prospects, friends and associates would probably tell you that mobile technology has become a permanent fixture in our culture. The fact that people are using mobile devices in order to access the Internet is not going away anytime soon. In fact, we can expect it to take over more of the conversation about how we communicate, do business and socialize.
Of course that means that as small business owners, we will need to make sure that we are in front of our customers and clients where they choose to be. If the key statistic is correct, and there is every reason to believe that it is, consumers stay within a 3 foot range of their mobile device 24 hours a day. Therefore, any effective marketing strategy must incorporate mobile devices. It's going to be important for you to know your target market extremely well.
Naturally, this is no secret to you, if you have been in business any length of time. However, knowing your custom…