Make Money Tip "Google Adwords": Different Keywords for Different Folks in Home Business

Whether it’s a home business or an internet business opportunity you have to have traffic to your site to see a sale. We have all heard of auctions haven’t we? The highest bidder takes home the loot. In an auction, the bid price depends on the perceived value of the product on offer, the number of bidders present as well as the paying power of the bidders present. In a PPC campaign for Google Adwords also, the same rules apply. It’s the law of supply and demand that ultimately governs it all. The keywords that fetch the most traffic are also the costliest ones. Keywords like ‘home business’ and ‘internet home business’ are costly because of the large number of searches being done on the same. So what do you do if you want to bid on one of these keywords? Well the answer is simple.

There are 2 options:

1) Bid on them provided you have an army of staff working on it to see that you are not outbid and to take care of all the negative keywords that you will have to churn out in order to filter all the irrelevant search phrases being done of which they are a part. And they are going to be costlier too! And if you bid low on them, you’re never going to be seen.


2) Bid on a larger number of mediocre or lower traffic keywords that cost far less but are more targeted by the way. Bid on nothing less than 200 or 300 keywords like that. The total traffic should add up to something substantial.

So how do you determine the traffic potential of these keywords? Well, you have many keyword analysis tools that can help you with this. Some of them are ‘Keywords Analyzer, Adwords Analyzer, Wordtracker, etc. Feed in a generic term like 'home business' or 'internet business' and it will give you related terms being searched for. Then you can go in for more advanced searches for each of them. This is very helpful. You have arrays of data on number of searches done the last month for each of those keywords, the number of results returned, the number of Google campaigns for each as also for the other major search engines, the Google bids(maximum bids) and so on. This is very useful information that will help you in narrowing down on the right keywords to promote your home business or internet business opportunity.

Once identified, optimize your home business website to include these words. It would help to a great extent if you can try and get links to your site from other sites with these keywords in the anchor text. Get as many as possible like this. This should improve your ranking in Google if done right.

If after that, you now go ahead and run a Google adwords PPC campaign on these keywords with your ad title & ad body optimized for these words(including your H tags and title) you should start to see results and traffic to your site. Remember that Google adwords campaigns have to be improved over time through continuous trial and error. Start off with 2 or 3 ads for related keyword groups and then compare and contrast while Google rotates these ads for you. If you feel that a keyword is not suited for one ad, cut and paste it to the other one or delete it if it’s useless or write an entirely new relevant ad that accommodates it and continue testing. This is a surefire way to boost your click through rates (CTRs) to the sky. Ultimately you should end up with one ad that has all the right ingredients.It takes time, but once you are through, it’s gonna make you money for ever. You can also expand to other search engines like Youtube, Amazon (Yes! Amazon... you will be surpised what keywords people are searching for in their search box).

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